Your First Choice For Chinese High-end Enterprises Management Software
As a high-end management software, UFIDA NC provides full solutions for financial accounting, management accounting, fund management, asset management, budget management, HR, supply chain, distribution, multi-factory manufacture, analysis and decision-making, and consolidated report. It focuses on business collaboration and centralized management. A unified IT platform based on UAP platform is constructed for satisfying the management demands of any organization in any region at any level in any field.
With the self-service system, both managers and employees can have access to enterprise management. It forms an HR management mode which brings the whole group involved into management. It establishes a platform of HR management and communication.
Group Consolidated Report
UFIDA NC–Group Consolidated Report provides group users with comprehensive report solutions and facilitates the centralized report management. It supports output of various business reports, preparation of consolidated reports and segment reports, and the management of report permission and process.
UFIDA NC - e-Procurement provides an open and comprehensive Internet platform for online procurement, bridging the business cooperation between enterprises and suppliers. The low-costing e-Procurement creates a win-win situation between enterprises and suppliers by enhancing effectiveness as well as openness of e-Commerce.
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